Roots and Wings Preschool & Primary - Where the essence of every child is honoured


Our Preschool offers:

  • A full-time program for 2.5 to 6 year olds
  • 2 teachers for maximum 10 children
  • Parental participation on a monthly basis
  • Parental presence in class until full integration for each child
  • The opportunity for children to develop at their own pace so they can flourish into balanced well-rounded individuals.  
With patience, love and understanding we attend to each child’s needs.

Preschool weekly activities include:
Free and spontaneous play, cooking, gardening, Yoga, storytelling, songs and games, fun and fascinating experiments, and creative arts.
These activities are non-academic in nature yet crucial for building a strong foundation for future academic and life success.   
In all activities it is the process that counts. Each new experience offers children the opportunity to understand the world around them and enjoy the act of creating. 
Parents are required to actively participate in their child’s educational journey. Once a month they share with the class a passion, a talent they have. This creates an even richer environment where children are exposed to many new experiences
Each month a guest musician, singer or puppeteers will share their passion with the children offering them many colourful real life experiences.

Mondays: a.m.:  Movement  Exploration Class - "Sensing , Feeling, Action".

p.m.: Gardening

Tuesdays: a.m: Circus Discovery Class- "Co-ordination,          Co-operation, Balance"

p.m: Creative Arts

Wednesdays: Music with "Ateliers de la chaise Musical

Thursdays: a.m.: Cooking
p.m.Discovery Walks in Nature

Fridays: a.m.:  Theatre and improvisation with Madame Clown from "Et qui Libre" - : "Exploring, inventing, imagination, Magic, self-discovery, assertiveness..."

p.m.: Music- Dalcroze method: " developing rhythm awareness through motor consciousness"

A healthy organic snack is provided every day 

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Roots and Wings Preschool.
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