Roots and Wings Preschool & Primary - Where the essence of every child is honoured

Calendar 2017-2018

4  September  First day of school

27 Oct.  Teachers Training  Day

30 Oct. - 3 Nov.  Half – Term Break

22 Dec. Half day until 12:00 (Winter Concert)

25  Dec. - 5 Jan.  Winter Break

9 Feb.  Teachers Training Day

12 Feb. - 16 Feb  Half –Term Break

2 April - 13 April   Spring Break

1May  LabourDay

10 May - 11 May Ascension

21 May Pentecost Monday 

22 June  Last day of school

School is closed on all the above mentioned dates except for the first and last day of school.

Job Vacancies     

 All positions are currently filled.

 Our Partner

We are partners with LuAPE, a toy library adapted for children with special needs. Together we contribute to the well being of all children.

Other Links We Like:  (a wonderful toy shop) 

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